Dallas Blogger Brunch: UP Inspired Kitchen

Dallas Blogger Brunch at UP Inspired Kitchen

I recently attended my first Dallas Blogger Brunch and left with a full belly and even fuller heart! Making connections and finding people who you relate to is hard. It’s refreshing to surround yourself with other creatives following their passions. 

The past few months I’ve been growing my blog and providing social media assistance as a freelancer. In those months I’ve joined tons of Facebook groups and email newsletters to network and collaborate with others. One of the communities I joined is Dallas Blogger Brunch, and I’m so glad I did.


Dallas Blogger Brunch is a monthly event that brings together local women and businesses. For the past two and a half years, bloggers have met at different restaurants each month to try new food, take photos, and ultimately form connections with other bloggers, restaurants, florists, calligraphers, and other local businesses.

Since entering “the blogging world” I’ve seen bloggers I look up to attend these brunches, never actually thinking I would (or could) attend them. A couple months ago I decided to shed my unconfident skin and go for it! I mean, email the brands I want to work with, sign up to attend events even if I have to go alone, and really put myself out there. Since I decided to really go for this blogging thing I’ve been invited to events, emailed to collaborate, and met so many great people with truly awesome hearts!

When the email invite for Dallas Blogger Brunch came in and it was right down the road from me at UP Inspired Kitchen, I knew I had to jump on it and reserve my spot! Only 10-12 ladies attend each brunch, and this location was ideal for my first one since I know the area and they cater to healthier eating. Once I was RSVP’d and on the list, I admittedly was a little too excited.


The women I met at brunch were so sweet and easy to connect with. Even with a mix of fashion, lifestyle, and food bloggers we were all able to make connections and share tips and experiences with each other.

The menu had an amazing selection of traditional brunch items with a twist to bowls and burgers! I got The Whistler Vedge Hash with roasted root veggies, bacon, quinoa, brassicas, hold the egg. It was delicious drizzled with just a little hot sauce and super filling!

I can’t wait for the next Dallas Blogger Brunch and to meet even more inspiring women. Do you live in the Dallas area? What’s your favorite brunch spot? Are you part of any awesome networking groups? Let me know in the comments!


Thank you, UP Inspired Kitchen for the delicious brunch, Papercase Studio for the adorable place card, and The Pearl Petal for providing us with beautiful flower arrangements–and of course, Dallas Blogger Brunch for coordinating the entire event!

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