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I’m Jenna Urben, a twenty-something living in north Dallas with my high-school sweetheart hubby. My love for blogging started in college when I studied Emerging Media and Communication. I was constantly on social media and updating online communities. I started my blog to document homemade approachable recipes, that are both allergy-friendly and delicious. Once I started sharing bits of my life, I wanted to share more! I started writing about travel, restaurants, wedding planning, home content, and more. Below are some frequently asked questions. Hopefully, this helps you get to me a little better! If you have any questions, recipe requests, restaurant reviews, or post ideas, always feel free to send me a message or pop in my email inbox.


Why are your recipes allergy-friendly?
Both my husband and I are lactose intolerant an I have an egg allergy. In addition to that, I’m allergic to Penicillin, so I can’t go near certain types of cheese. My lactose intolerance is so server that I completely avoid dairy as if it were a true allergy. All of my recipes will be allergy-friendly and some even vegan! I love developing plant-based meals. While I do not claim to be a vegan or vegetarian, I definitely prefer making veggies the star of a dish!

Have you always lived in the DFW area?
Nope! I was born in northern California, moved to southern California, then lived in the Houston area for 9 years before moving up to the Dallas suburbs. I went to middle school, high school, and college up here. After graduating from UT Dallas, I decided to stay in the area and recently my husband and I just purchased our first home. Looks like we’re here to stay!

Top 5 favorite travel destinations?
That’s hard because I love traveling and discovering new places! Oahu was an amazing honeymoon destination. Sonoma County and Napa Valley will forever be my favorite places to retreat. The Bahamas are by far my favorite cruise destination. I love exploring Disney and Universal. I can’t leave Tucson off this list, as it brings the outdoor hiker out of this germaphobe suburbanite.

Do you blog full time?
In addition to blogging, I offer freelance digital marketing services. Most of my work revolves around social media, building email lists, graphic design, photography, and other business needs. I love helping small businesses grow their online presence! Before starting my freelance business, I worked in marketing agencies around Dallas. While I love being part of a team, I find it so enriching to form a personal relationship with a company and watch them grow.

I’ll add to this and switch these questions out from time to time, so ask away! Are you interested in working with me? Check out my Work With Me and Press pages.

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