Welcome to The Urben Life blog, I’m Jenna Urben. Nice to meet you!

The Urben Life was established in 2016, a couple months after I married my high school sweetheart and took his last name. Hence the name of this blog!

This blog serves as a space to share recipes, healthy living inspiration, wedding planning tips, travel guides, and more.

You may notice each recipe is dairy-free and egg-free. That is because my husband and I are both lactose intolerant, and I have an egg sensitivity.

My B.A. is in Emerging Media and Communication–I often joke that I majored in social media! I have broad experience maintaining blogs, creating content, scheduling posts across social media channels, and staying current on digital trends. Mix this with my love for eating, weddings, and compulsive planning and it’s easy to see how I ended up here… Blogging about food, weddings, health, travel, and life in general!

Best wishes!

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