4 Reasons You Should Take Dance Lessons Before Your Big Day

4 reasons dance lessons wedding

The seating chart is set. The timeline is scheduled. Your wedding party has rehearsed. It’s the night before your big day and the only thing you forgot to plan was your first dance. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you’re a dancer or have some crazy amount of confidence, then this read might not be for you. But if you’re anything like me and enjoy having monumental life events planned or roughly outlined, let me convince you why you should absolutely take dance lessons before your wedding.

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Dairy-Free & Egg-Free Chocolate Chip Blondies

Dairy free Egg Free Chocolate chip blondies.png

My husband and I love sweets and treats. I would say I love the candy and he loves baked goods more. Who doesn’t love a freshly baked cookie? But sometimes don’t you just want a dense and decadent blondie? Similar, but so different!

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Benefits of Drinking Tea with Adagio Teas

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Who else needs a big cup of coffee or tea for a boost? In an effort to eat and live healthier, I’ve started drinking tea regularly and want to share my favorite flavors and products with you!  Continue reading

My “Say Yes To The Dress” Story

say yes to the dress

As the title implies, this post will be all about the time I said “yes” to my dream wedding dress. After trying on the same dress 3 times, I was finally able to confidently commit! Did you spend weeks or months searching for your wedding gown or did you say yes on day one?  Continue reading

Banana Nice Cream

Banana Nice Cream.png

You guys! Have you heard of “nice cream” – don’t feel bad if you haven’t. I recently found out about this delicious treat! It’s so easy to make and you can customize it completely depending on what you’re craving.  Continue reading

Moving Series: Apartment Searching Tips

apartment searching tips

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or your fifth, knowing what you want during the search is all-important. I’m coming up on my third move since graduating from college, and I can definitively say that I have some must haves and deal breakers.

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Loaded Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Dairy-Free)

loaded grilled cheese sandwich
Today, April 12 is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Celebrate with this loaded grilled cheese sandwich, using dairy-free cheese!

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