4 Reasons You Should Take Dance Lessons Before Your Big Day

4 reasons dance lessons wedding

The seating chart is set. The timeline is scheduled. Your wedding party has rehearsed. It’s the night before your big day and the only thing you forgot to plan was your first dance. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you’re a dancer or have some crazy amount of confidence, then this read might not be for you. But if you’re anything like me and enjoy having monumental life events planned or roughly outlined, let me convince you why you should absolutely take dance lessons before your wedding.

The Urbens Wedding

Let me start out by saying that my husband and I are not and will never be dancers. But our first dance was awesome! I was impressed and proud of the both of us! We don’t go out dancing or randomly bust out in dance in our kitchen. What I’m trying to say is we basically had zero experience going into our lessons.

We started taking dance lessons about a month out and we learned way more than I thought was ever possible. We chose to have our first dance to Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. We opted for 5 private lessons and by the 4th lesson, we had our dance down. We learned basic footwork, twirls, spins, dips, and more! Do you plan on taking dance lessons before your big day? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Reasons You Should Take Dance Lessons Before Your Big Day

You Won’t Just Be Swaying Back and Forth

Depending on the size of your wedding, you could have 100+ eyes just on you two. Don’t let that freak you out, just let that sink in. In that moment, do you want to sway back and forth like you did back in middle school? Nothing wrong with that if you do, I’ve swooned over plenty first dances where the couple stared lovingly into each others eyes–but a little twirl or footwork is always nice.

De-Stress While Learning Something New Together

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Learning something new can also be stressful but since you’ll be learning to dance together, make this fun! Take the stress out of wedding planning and have fun with this part. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Weekday Date Night

It’s easy for date nights to become routine, especially when planning your wedding. While there’s nothing wrong with routine, I’m a creature of habit myself, it’s always nice to get out and do something that you normally wouldn’t. Cue dance lessons! Since most group or private lessons are taught during the week, you can shake the routine and let loose on a Wednesday.

You’ll Impress Your Guests

This day is all about you as a couple! Name another time you’ll have the entire dance floor just to yourselves with absolute attention. Take this time to show off a little. First dances are great for showing your fun loving and quirky sides or for a peek into the more serious part of your relationship. Whichever direction you take your dance, your guests are going to be impressed.



Photos by Celina Gomez Photography
Dance Lessons by Studio 22 Dallas


13 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Should Take Dance Lessons Before Your Big Day

  1. Actually, no I hadn’t thought about all the eyes on me. Or the awkward swaying. But now I am haha.
    I love the idea of using it to destress, have fun and make it a date night! Even though we’re not (currently) planning a wedding, I think I may suggest this!

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  2. My husband, of 9 months, and I took dance lessons, swing in particular. It was already something I knew how to do but he needed to learned. While he got frustrated sometimes he has improved so much and we nailed our swing dance! (And our traditional first dance – we did two “first dances.”) Very true what you said about having a date night activity, we have continued with dance lessons even though our wedding has passed.

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