This easy BLT Pasta Salad recipe is a tasty twist on the classic sandwich. Toss bacon, lettuce, and tomato with a homemade creamy eggless dressing.

Pasta Salad – 12 ounces uncooked pasta – 6 ounces cooked bacon – 2 cups chopped romaine lettuce – 1 ½ cups chopped tomatoes – ½ cup chopped red onion, optional Eggless Mayonnaise Ranch Dressing – ¼ cup dairy free ranch dressing – ¼ cup egg free mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar – ½ teaspoon black pepper


STEP 1: Cook pasta according to package directions. Prepare remaining ingredients.

STEP 2: Whisk dressing together in a small bowl, then combine everything together in a large mixing bowl.

STEP 3: Stir well to combine and serve immediately. Enjoy as an appetizer or light lunch!