Cinco de Mayo Recipe Roundup

10 yummy ideas for cinco de mayo (1)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today we’re moving into our new apartment so we will be celebrating later on. I love Mexican and Tex-Mex food and drinks so I might be celebrating all weekend long! This recipe roundup contains mouth-watering enchiladas, spiced-up cocktails, and other tasty entrees from myself and fellow food bloggers.  Continue reading


Michelada Beer Cocktail

Michelada Beer Cocktail

I hate when people ask if I’m a beer or wine person. Truth be told, I’m a beer, wine, and cocktail type of person! I don’t enjoy every single drink I taste but I like to think I’m fairly open to trying new things. That being said, I definitely have my favorites. Since Cinco De Mayo is coming up, you may be searching for the perfect margarita or Paloma recipe. I’m here to share something different–the Michelada beer cocktail!  Continue reading

Paloma Cocktail

The first time I had this drink was in Mexico during a weeklong cruise. It was served in a tall obnoxious yard glass and I enjoyed every sip of it! When we returned, I just had to learn how to recreate this cocktail.  Continue reading

My Top 4 Sparkling Wine Choices

Bring on the champs!!

I love sparkling wine and I love finding new bubbles to taste. I recently tasted a flight of rose sparkling wines with my mom while visiting her. THEY WERE ALL SPECTACULAR! I typically wouldn’t put rose bubbles at the top of my wine wish list, but they’re quickly making their way up there. Continue reading

Taco Tuesday 101

Flavorful Homemade Guacamole // The Urben Life Blog


There’s a few key parts to a successful and filling Taco Tuesday…

The filling – ground beef, ground turkey, veggies, fish, fajita chicken or steak?
The rice – will you make it from a bag, cook it on the stove, or use the rice cooker?
The beans – black beans, pinto beans, refried beans?
The extras – guacamole, salsa, cheese, hot sauce?
The drinks – margaritas or a cerveza?

Once you can answer these questions, you’ll be well on your way to serving up a delicious Taco Tuesday dinner! I enjoy cooking on Tuesday’s so much because both my husband and I are in the kitchen together. He chops everything and makes the guac while I do the rice, beans, and meat–whoever is done first prepares the drinks!

So find yourself a sous-chef and let’s get started! Continue reading

Unicorn Blood Cocktail

I did not invent this recipe, I found it in a BuzzFeed article and had to share. I see a Harry Potter movie marathon in my near future! Continue reading

The French 77 Cocktail


When Zack and I were in Hawaii on our honeymoon, we tasted different dishes and drinks that we had never tried before. Some of my favorite drinks to order became anything with St. Germain elderflower liqueur. It’s sooo refreshing and yummy. Continue reading