I remember how hard the first few days (weeks… months… years…) of changing your diet can be. Whether you’re going dairy-free and/or egg-free due to intolerances, allergies, or health related reasons; the more support you have–the better! Think of me as your personal cheerleader. One day you will no longer crave queso or grilled cheese, I promise. But you know what? If you do, I’ve got you covered with allergy-friendly recipes! Find your faves by using the search bar→

The biggest thing for me to stay on track eating healthy at home is keeping a well stocked fridge and pantry! Shop my favorites below by clicking on the image.

My Dairy-Free & Egg-Free Staples

My Go-To Tools, Appliances, and Bakeware


Dairy-Free Dining

There are so many awesome dairy alternatives out there from plant based milk to allergy friendly yogurt and vegan cheese, have I mentioned nutritional yeast and desserts yet?

Milk & Yogurt: You’ve got multiple choices here! Soy, almond, coconut, from pea protein. I say try them all. Find a few brands you like and go from there. Remember, everybody’s taste buds are different.

Cheese: When it comes to dairy-free cheese your options are constantly increasing. There are plenty of affordable brands who offer mozzarella, cheddar, monterey jack, even parmesan. Some companies are even offering dairy-free artesian cheeses! Again, I say try them all out and see what you like. Find out which products fit your needs best. Are you looking for meltability or spreadability? Do you need slices for sandwiches or shreds for topping?

Top 3 Dairy-Free Tips

1. Nutritional yeast, also known as nooch! Honestly, when I first heard about this savory yeast flake I had no intention of ever using it. HAH! It’s now by far my favorite seasoning. It can be described as nutty, cheesy, maybe even creamy–so a perfect cheese substitute. I love using it as a topping on pasta, pizza, salads, lunch bowls, and more! I even sprinkle it over popcorn.

2. Are you missing that sour cream? Instead try serving yourself a dollop of plain dairy-free yogurt. Sounds a little weird, right? Just give it a try. I promise, it’s great! Especially on tacos.

3. Use coconut oil in place of butter. I love love love baking with coconut oil instead of butter. Yes, dairy-free butters exist and I do use them–but coconut oil keeps your cookies soft and fluffy.


Egg-Free Eating

Looking for egg alternatives? My go-to product is linked above but if you want to use something you might already have in your kitchen, here’s what I reach for. Flax egg, banana, baking soda, tofu, and applesauce.

Are you missing your scrambled eggs? Try tofu scramble! It’s unbelievable. I have a simple tofu scramble recipe and a loaded mushroom veggie tofu scramble recipe. I’ve made a quiche only once but it was fantastic and I’m working on creating the perfect recipe to share with y’all!