Life Update: We are moving!

This week my husband, Zack and I close on our first home! Until now, we have bopped around from apartment to apartment every year. We are so excited for this new chapter, and I cannot wait to include you all!


That build up was real, right?! I hope so because I am so excited to finally share our first-time homebuying experience. It’s a long one, so grab a cup of coffee and get comfy! We actually first started looking for a home last February, but after walking through dozens of homes in the north Dallas area, we realized the timing was not as perfect as we thought. Instead of getting discouraged, we signed a lease with a brand spanking new apartment complex.

Back at the beginning of this year, we started looking at homes again. For a while there we were looking at new listings every weekend! We would find a home we loved online and it would have multiple offers on it the next day… WHAT?! It was crazy and frustrating. We prayed about finding the right house, in the right location, for months.

Then after what felt like an eternity of looking, we found a house that we really thought could be our home. We put in an offer just over list price, heard the seller was expecting another offer to come in… Waited… Then found out they wanted us to agree to pay our offer amount even if the home doesn’t appraise. For that reason and a couple others, we decided to walk away. (PS: That house is still on the market today…) Shortly after, a seemingly great house popped up in a perfect neighborhood. I’m talking beautiful landscaping, super close to stores, good school district, everything! Everything except flooring in the master bedroom!? Yep, this little charmer had black cement flooring. The finishes throughout the house and the backyard were great though. We were able to overlook the small guest rooms, no dedicated office space, unconventional pantry, and lack-of bedroom flooring, so we put an offer in. Since we obviously needed flooring and a few other small projects needed to be done, we went in a little under list price. The seller’s “counteroffer” was list price, with a leaseback, plus other fees. Needless to say, we walked away from that house too.


After that, we took a little break from looking. We had a vacation to Disney and Universal planned and were ready to disconnect. When we returned home, we hit the ground running, scheduling private showings literally the day after we got back. For two weeks, we looked nonstop until we finally decided to move the house hunt to our hometown. I had been eyeing this little pocket of relatively new homes mixed with some new construction for a few months. We looked at three homes in the same neighborhood and one really stood out! We talked it over, prayed about it, and the following day put our offer in. Four days later we had the inspection completed, then the home appraised, we had a little back and forth, but for the most part we have been sailing to the closing day!

I can’t believe we are going to be homeowners!! Seriously, it’s mind-blowing. We are so excited and I can’t wait to fill it with furniture and put our touch on it through decor and styling. I know this post is a lot longer than most of my recipes or travel guides but I wanted to give you a little more insight into my life beyond chocolate chip cookies and tacos. We are currently planning our move for June, so I hope you are excited as I am to follow along on this new journey!

What type of home posts would you like to see? Kitchen decor? Pantry/drawer/cabinet organization? Home office tour? Entertaining tips? Please let me know in the comments below or send me an email! Also, if you have any moving or homeowner tips, send them my way. I would love to share my experience and yours with everybody.


A few other updates:

  • I’m going to be updating the theme and layout of my blog in the next few weeks! This is something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time and it’s finally time. I really want this space to be your resource for all things allergy-friendly food and dining, travel guides, and other lifestyle-related inspiration. If you have a topic you want me to cover or a recipe request, always feel free to message me.
  • Even with a move (both to a house and to a new blog look), we are still taking our annual trip out to California! This will be my first time out there since the devastating fires. My childhood home is no longer there and I’ve heard from multiple people it’s going to be really eye-opening. If you have any Sonoma County restaurant, winery, or brewery recommendations please let me know!

Thank you all so much for the well-wishes and encouragement. I love sharing my life with you and forming connections. Cheers to new chapters!


30 thoughts on “Life Update: We are moving!

  1. Congratulations on your new home. It’s beautiful. Buying a house and closing can be so frustrating so I am to read that yours went smoothly!

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  2. Congratulations! I have my real estate license and I know what a big decision it is. It’s hard to take the plunge! You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful first home. We live in LA where real estate is a fortune and our starter home was ROUGH and still almost $400k. Can’t wait to see updates!

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  3. Congratulations it’s so exciting! It sounds like you dodged some really bad houses and found the perfect one. The kitchen is just beautiful. I’d love to see pantry and cabinet organizing.

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  4. I’m in love with your kitchen!! Definitely keep us updated on the move and decorating. I love seeing pictures of houses and seeing the inside. You should do a video tour of your new home 😉
    We’ve been in our home for about 5 years and finally did a purge of our garage. We had boxes of stuff in there that we hadn’t even touched since we first moved in. My best recommendation about moving is label everything so you know what’s in it. And do an inventory and purge every year of things you don’t need or use. Congratulations on the new home, it’s gorgeous!

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    1. Your comment just made my week!! I really appreciate your encouragement and tips 🙂 I’ll for sure do a home tour and give extra attention to our new kitchen. This weekend I’m going through all our closets and doing a massive purge. I love holding on to everything but I’m tired of moving a bunch of junk around haha


  5. That kitchen is gorgeous! Congrats on your new house. I’d love to see what you do with your home office. I’m in the middle of revamping mine since I’ll be working from home now. I need some inspiration!

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  6. Congratulations! We spent the past year looking for homes and then got burnt out and just resigned our lease on our rental house. I’m hoping when our lease is up we have better luck!

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