November Small Goals

Last week I admitted that when I started blogging I wanted to post photos with minimal text and recipes – no fluff. But over the past year, I’ve realized the bloggers I admire most are so transparent and open about their lives. Since I’ve started to take my blog more seriously, I want to share more with y’all! Starting with some small goals. One of my favorite bloggers, Jesse Coulter started posting her monthly small goals and totally inspired me to do this! She actually started doing this months ago but it’s taken me a while to build up the courage to do this. A couple months ago I started putting together private analytic reports and whatnot for myself and I really enjoyed setting goals and then meeting them! Or if I didn’t quite meet them, figure out a plan to meet that goal next month.

So here goes – November 2017 Small Goals

Pitch brands for holiday collaborations

Sadly, I think I’m too late to the party but I’m not giving up! I reached out to one *dream* brand but they were already full for the holidays, they did let me know to follow up next year though. Lesson learned – reach out to brands early!

Learn light kit & tripod setup

After hearing me complain about lack of natural light & shaking footage, my sweet husband bought me a light kit and tripod. I’ve used them only a handful of times but with the sun setting before 6pm, it’s time to take some masterclasses! Anybody have great YouTube or online tutorials?

Research YouTube for food bloggers

So this one kinda goes hand in hand with the light kit & tripod learning goal. I see the need for allergy-friendly food bloggers on YouTube, but how do I start? Just jump in and record a video? I know how to set up an account, optimize videos with tags and targeting, even how to add custom thumbnails. I just have to convince myself that y’all will watch them… Will y’all watch them?!

Go to local events

This is a huge goal of mine!!! It’s so easy to pass on awesome opportunities, but every time I attend an event I’m high on life. I recently went to my first Dallas Blogger Brunch and had an awesome time. A few weekends ago I attended the Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo as an official blogger and realized my desire to get out there and meet people!

Review a restaurant

You probably didn’t even notice, but I added a “restaurants” tab to my drop-down menu. I love trying new places and exploring new cuisines. I’ve visited so many awesome restaurants lately and posted about them on Instagram, but rarely fully develop a blog post about them. I want that to change! I envision creating a dining dairy-free & egg-free in Dallas guide perhaps, we’ll see. For now, you can check out my recent post about Taco Cabana new menu items, or my experience with Dallas Food Tours from this summer, or when I tried V-Eats: Modern Vegan almost a year ago!


Rather than put this on January’s small goals list, let’s put it here first. I hate exercising. I hate going to the gym. I hate sweating. I’m not athletic, but I know I need to make a change! I enjoy carbs and wine too much not to be doing something. Yoga, barre, cycling? I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I need to hold myself accountable. I haven’t even been taking my daily walks because I convinced myself I’ll hurt my bruised toenail… Excuses, excuses!

Add a new client

Most of y’all probably don’t know that in addition to blogging, I also do freelance digital marketing! I started in June and I’m slowly adding clients. From the time I drafted this post and hit publish, I actually gained a new client and am well into my second project with her!

Okay, it’s your turn! Share your November small goals below and let me know what you think of mine (:


20 thoughts on “November Small Goals

  1. I love seeing people’s goals and other “personal” things. It’s fun to get to know bloggers better. Yay for you on getting some of these crossed off already too. I love getting out and seeing what my city has to offer, though nothing blogger related (that I know of haha).


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