Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo Overview

Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo Dallas

This past weekend I attended my first Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo in Dallas! If you remember I posted about how excited I was to attend as an official blogger here. I had such a great time, I hope to make this expo an annual event for myself! 

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Before I tell you about the Dallas Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo, I want to mention that the event actually travels from city to city! Check the locations page to see if there’s one near you. Dallasites, mark your calendar for October 27-28, 2018!

The Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expos are great for those living a gluten-free or allergen-friendly lifestyle! You get to sample hundreds of products, meet with local and national brands, receive coupons, and attend classes. They’re family-friendly, fun, and educational!

As an expo blogger, I was treated to a breakfast catered by Big Box Catering and early “shopping” with Schar before the event began. It was great to mingle with other local bloggers and learn more about the expo! The GFAF Expos are the largest and fastest growing special diet consumer events in the US. Started in 2007. I loved that in addition to gluten-free diets, many exhibitors also catered to those with dairy-free and egg-free diets.


My sister, who thankfully doesn’t have any food allergies, attended with me! Once the expo opened, we made our way through, visiting just about every booth. We both wanted to start at Enjoy Life because we had seen the pictures of their walk-through space.

If you follow my blog regularly, you already know that I use Enjoy Life morsels in all my baking. What I don’t talk about as often, are their other products like chewy bars and lentil chips. I’m obsessed with their lentil chips and love that I can find them at my local grocery store with ease.

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As my sister and I made our way from booth to booth, chatting with reps and other friendly expo-goers, if I wasn’t able to taste something because it contained dairy or egg, Stacey tried it for me! Below are some of the expo highlights.

ScharSchar Make It GrainGo MacroGo Macro BoothBienaUdisGo VeggieHealth Ade KombuchaMozaicsVeggicopiaVeggie FriesVeggie Fries BoothHoney StingerBriannas

Schär: I loaded up on Schar goodies! Sandwich bread, vanilla wafers, crackers and more. Even though I’m not gluten-free, I really enjoy these products.

GoMacro: I see this bar all over Instagram, but I’ve never tried it before the expo. I actually didn’t know it was vegan! I sampled quite a few different flavors and got two full-size bars in my goodie bag – Since I’m on a protein bar kick, I can see these joining my regular lineup.

Biena: I’ve been wanting to try these little chickpea snacks for a while now! They definitely did not disappoint, I loved the sea salt, barbeque, and habanero. Biena has tons of flavors, some even chocolate covered.

GO VEGGIE: My OG dairy-free cheese!! When I first became lactose intolerant, I only had a few options for dairy-free products. Go Veggie has never failed me, so you know I totally fangirled when I approached their booth! If you haven’t tried their better for you cheese, try their singles, shreds, cream cheese, parmesan, bars, and dip. I usually have their shreds, cream cheese, and parmesan in my fridge.

Health-Ade Kombucha: Raise your hand if you’ve never tried kombucha! I would have raised my hand before this weekend, but I can finally say I’m a #booch believer. I sampled their California Grape and Pink Lady Apple, and can’t wait to head to the store to pick a few full-size bottles up. Stacey tried just about all the flavors and loved them all too!

Mozaics: These organic popped veggie and potato chips made with real peas and beans are so tasty and make for the perfect snack with zero guilt. I was able to get quite a few different bags, so I look forward to finding my favorite!

Veggicopia: Based on Stacey’s reaction, I think this was her favorite booth! We even looped back around so she could confirm where to buy them. In addition to their single serve hummus and edamame dips, they have bagged olives perfect for on the go.

Veggie Fries: I had never heard of Veggie Fries before this past weekend and I’m so excited to buy a few bags of these frozen favorites! They’re crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside! My favorite products at the expo were the carrot and potato fries, cauliflower, bean, and onion veggie rings, and broccoli and sweet potato tots.

Briannas: Who doesn’t love Briannas salad dressing? With 15 awesome flavors, you’re sure to find a favorite! I currently have the lactose-free and egg-free creamy balsamic dressing in my fridge, but also love their dijon honey mustard, real french vinaigrette, and champagne vinaigrette.

See ya next time! I loved getting to chat with my favorite brands and find new favorites! If you’re a foodie with allergies or intolerances, this event is for you!

Why you should mark your calendars for next year!

  • Over 100 brands
  • Valuable coupons
  • Samples!!!!!
  • Discounted products available for purchase
  • Informative classes related to the gluten-free and allergen-friendly lifestyle
  • Free reusable bags to carry your goodies
  • Meet your favorite vendors, authors, and bloggers

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18 thoughts on “Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo Overview

  1. What an awesome expo! Those popped chips and hummus look yummy. I like using Enjoy Life chocolate chips too. I’ll have to check out some of their other products!

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