Why You Should Rock a Fanny Pack at Disney and Universal Parks

Why You Should Rock a Fanny Pack at Disney and Universal Parks

I recently got back from Orlando where my husband and I explored the 3 Universal Studio parks and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. If I wasn’t already a fanny pack lover, this trip really made me a believer!

Maybe it’s the sorority girl in me but fannies are awesome for vacations and events. Before my husband and I left on vacation I bought a fanny pack from Amazon, fully intending to wear it myself. My husband actually ended up wearing it every day we were in the parks! I made sure to get one that’s water resistant, relatively small, and in a neutral color.

So what did we pack in there? My iPhone 6S with Otterbox and popsocket, energy bar, two snack bags full of mixed nuts and beef jerky, sunscreen, band-aids, chapstick, body powder, Neosporin, park cards, and IDs.


Zack wore the fanny pack throughout the day and only took it off on rides that required us to put everything in the free lockers. On a few days, I did bring along my crossbody purse to bring an extra pair of shoes to the park, but if I planned my footwear better that wouldn’t have been an issue. I was infinitely more comfortable when I wasn’t lugging around my purse so we know for next time to rely on the fanny for toting stuff around!

Why You Should Rock a Fanny Pack at Disney and Universal Parks

  • No back pain
  • Your hands will be free
  • Breeze through security
  • Don’t have to worry about lockers
  • Bring your own snacks
  • Pack it full of first-aid supplies
  • Have a secure place for your phone and cards

Make sure you keep checking back for more Universal & Disney related posts! Did I forget any awesome reasons why you should bring a fanny when you visit the parks? If you’re interested in checking out the pack we bought and what we stuffed in it, click on the images below.

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Fanny Pack at Disney and Universal


23 thoughts on “Why You Should Rock a Fanny Pack at Disney and Universal Parks

  1. I have been trying to convince my husband that we need a fanny pocket! My mom always wore one when she took us to the park as kids and they are so nice. I got one for myself for when we are hiking, but I haven’t been able to convince him that we can rock them at the parks yet! Will show him this!

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  2. I love me a fanny pack! I get such shoulder pain from a backpack or cross body. We went to DL last August and bought a little cheap-o stroller (even though my youngest is 6) just to put the crap in!

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