Benefits of Drinking Tea with Adagio Teas

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Who else needs a big cup of coffee or tea for a boost? In an effort to eat and live healthier, I’ve started drinking tea regularly and want to share my favorite flavors and products with you! 

A few years ago, I found a gourmet tea shop online and my husband and I have been ordering from them ever since. Adagio Teas sells loose and bagged teas that can be served hot or iced. They offer hundreds of artisan tea varieties and tea accessories.

I mentioned that I started drinking tea for health benefits, but it’s also because I love the satisfying taste! Back to the benefits… Did you know certain tea can help with allergies, skin health/appearance, heart and liver health, and weight loss? Even better, there have been studies regarding tea drinkers are at a lower risk of cancer, have lower cholesterol levels, are less likely to break bones due to higher bone strength, and are at a lower risk of depression!

The list goes on and on, one fact I found interesting is that more antioxidants are found in loose tea. I used to be intimidated by loose-leaf tea but not after discovering the teapot infuser by Adagio.

Adagio Tea

Citron Green Tea
My current go-to tea! I love this refreshing and crisp tea served both hot and iced. This green tea has flavors of lemon and orange, giving it a fresh citrus flavor that’s just right.

Peppermint Tea
This is my nightly tea, it’s soothing yet refreshing! Using pure peppermint, this gourmet tea quickly became part of my daily routine.

Earl Grey Bravo Tea
I still enjoy my morning cup of coffee, but when I need an extra jolt of energy I reach for this black tea. The touch of citrus flavor to balance this dry tea makes it a keeper.

Tea Glasses
You’d probably laugh if I told you how many tea glasses we have… I’ll just say definitely more than twenty! These microwave and dishwasher safe glasses are sturdy and stylish and made to withstand the high temperatures of tea.

When I first started drinking tea, I was hesitant to try loose-leaf because I found it intimidating. Believe me, when I tell you this teapot infuser is so simple to use. You’ll enjoy farm-fresh tea all day long!

Adagio Green Tea
So, have I convinced you to add a cup of tea to your daily routine? I love that you have so many choices when it comes to choosing a tea–black, white, green, herbal, and more! What’s your favorite type of tea?

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links.

46 thoughts on “Benefits of Drinking Tea with Adagio Teas

  1. Personally, I’m more of a coffee gal, but a good cup of tea is soo comforting. After this I’m definitely going to check that shop out. I’ve only found limited varieties of tea around me, but my favorite was a white mandarin, sooo good and never found it again 😥

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    1. Aww, I hope you find a replacement tea! I hate when you find a flavor you love and then it sells out or is discontinued. Adagio has an amazing key lime herbal tea that I’m obsessed with but it’s sold out until this summer… I’m going to buy so much of it when it comes back in stock haha!


  2. Hey Jenna, I’m a tea lover myself. We also share something in common- making an effort to live healthier. Lol. I would check this site out because I love trying new teas. The Citron greentea would be my first pick since I love anything citrus. Nice post and very informative.

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  3. Oh my goodness I love tea! I love chamomile, peppermint and chai. I really enjoy the Traditional Medicinals brand. That’s so interesting that loose leaf teas have more antioxidants! I actually have a loose leaf chai I got from a little spice shop at Pike’s Marketplace in Seattle and this really sweet tea infuser with a rose quartz crystal from Etsy. I ❤ tea! Lol

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