Loaded Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Dairy-Free)

loaded grilled cheese sandwich

Today, April 12 is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Celebrate with this loaded grilled cheese sandwich, using dairy-free cheese!

Have y’all noticed the increase of great tasting allergy-friendly foods lately? Brands are really stepping up their game! Of course, I’ve tried the large and popular dairy-free cheese products because they are easily accessible. But I haven’t explored much with the specialty brands–until now!

When my family came into town, we had dinner with them just about every night. Since they are cheese-lovers I decided to make the trips to Central Market and Whole Foods. HEAVEN. If you missed my Instagram posts about these cheeses, check them out herehere, and here!

For this grilled cheese, I used Chao Slices found at Whole Foods. The taste and texture were spot-on and so tasty! My husband is always skeptical when I try new foods like this so he was hesitant on whether or not the dairy-free cheese would melt. Thankfully, it did!

Homemade Grilled Cheese NonDairyLoaded Dairy Free Grilled Cheese

Loaded Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Dairy-Free)
Serves: 1

2 slices bread
1 tablespoon dairy-free butter
2 slices dairy-free cheese
4 slices salami (or other meat, optional)
Small handful spinach


1. Heat skillet on the stove. As skillet warms up, butter one side of each bread slice.

2. Once skillet is warm, place one slice of bread buttered-side down. Add cheese, optional meat, and spinach. Top with second bread slice, buttered-side up.

3. Let warm over medium heat, turning once until both sides are golden brown.

Enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce!

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