New Workout: Barre3

I recently participated in a giveaway hosted by Barre3! I didn’t win but the entrants all got 3 free classes. I’ve never been to a Barre class, so I’m full of excitement and nervousness. Their website states that barre is a mix of ballet barre, yoga, and pilates. I love practicing yoga in the privacy of my own home–although I am still a beginner. I took ballet as a child and then as an elective in college–I wasn’t great but enjoyed it. And I’ve never attempted pilates, so we’ll see how I do haha!

I read that after just 5 classes you notice a difference in your body! Thinking about that is pretty amazing, so maybe I’ll get hooked after my 3 classes… I’m usually not one for public classes, mostly because I’m scared of being judged and the price of it–but I’m willing to put myself out there, especially since it’s free. A single class is typically $24 and their new client package (3 classes) is $45. They also have packages ranging from 5-20 classes.

I have been wondering about barre for quite some time now. I see my friends on Facebook and Instagram checking in and chatting about it. Now that I get to try 3 classes out, I’m pretty excited to see what the hype is about! I haven’t scheduled my classes yet but plan to soon.

Check back to see how my classes go!

If you have any recommendations or tips, please let me know in the comments below!


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