Caribbean Cruise Outfits

Have an upcoming cruise? Not sure what to pack and what to leave at home? Here’s an overview on what I packed for our recent 7-night Caribbean cruise.

When I was searching for outfit ideas and suggestions, I came across a guide that explains you should plan for 2 formal nights, 1 semi-formal night, and 4 casual nights. On our cruise we ended up having 2 formal nights, 1 Caribbean casual night, and the rest were casual.

I found the main dining room to be extremely relaxed with what they allowed cruisers to wear. So don’t stress out too much when putting together outfits. Also, try to reuse clothes–as long as they aren’t dirty or stinky.

Cruise Outfits

Sunday: Drive down and leave port, casual dining

Casual Cruise Romper.pngCasual Night Cruise Dress.png

Day: Comfy romper (from Sideline Sass Boutique) with sandals

Night: Navy cold shoulder dress (from Old Navy) with sandals 

Monday: Sailing, formal dining

Casual Cruise Outfit Idea.png
Formal Night Cruise Dress.png

Day: Purple tee (from Old Navy) and denim shorts (Hudson brand) with sandals

Night: Black off shoulder dress (from Nordstrom) with heels 

Tuesday: Sailing, casual dining

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 12.28.38 PM.png

Day: Athletic clothes with Chacos

Night: 3/4 sleeve shift dress (from Old Navy) with sandals

Wednesday: Roatán, Honduras, Caribbean casual dining

Athletic and Swim Outfits for Cruises.png

Day: Swim suit under tank top and Nike shorts with Chacos

Night: Black and brown striped dress (from Altar’d State) with sandals

Thursday: Belize City, Belize, formal dining

Cruise Formal Night Outfit.png

Day: Nike shorts and striped frocket (from Old Navy) with Nike shoes

Night: Pink shift dress (from Nordstrom) with sandals

Friday: Cozumel, Mexico, casual dining

Cruise Outfit Idea.png

Day: Denim shorts (Hudson brand) and tank top (from Old Navy) with sandals

Night: Diamond dress (from Charming Charlie) with sandals

Saturday: Sailing, casual dining

Cute and Casual Dress for Cruise.png

Day: Athletic clothes

Night: Scalloped floral dress (from Hazel & Olive Boutique) with brown chunky heels 

Sunday: Arrive in port, drive home

Road Trip Outfit.png

Drive home: Cozy tee (from Old Navy) with Nike shorts and sandals

Enjoy your vacation!! Be on the lookout for my upcoming blog post over what we did on the cruise ship and in the ports.


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