Yoga for Beginners + Hip Strengthening Exercises


I recently started practicing yoga and I love it! I’m not one for those group classes because I’m clumsy and they can get pricey. I re-pin multiple motivation and workout pins on Pinterest but hardly ever follow through with them. However, I have found some pretty good YouTube series to follow and they seem to entice me more than a printable. Since learning about the osteoporosis in my right hip (yeah… maybe I’ll start a new section on the blog dedicated to my medical woes) I’ve been trying to eat better, take those vitamins daily, get outdoors to walk, and do some light weight-bearing exercises.

Beginner Yogi.png

When I actually follow through with all of these, I feel great and so accomplished. It’s the little things in life, am I right? Any who, I wanted to share what I have been doing with y’all in hopes that it will not only keep me accountable, but maybe somebody will also benefit from these practices and exercises. My hope is to post updates as I switch up my routines. But for now I am just trying to get started and stay on a good schedule.

If you’re interested in the yoga series I practice, here’s Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge:

And if you’re interested in my current hip strengthening exercises, these are the moves I’ve been doing:

If you have any recommendations for a great YouTube series focusing on yoga for beginners or light weight-bearing exercises, please leave the name of it in the comments below!



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