Wedding Guest Guide for Twenty-Somethings

Hey there, twenty-somethin’

Attending a wedding in the coming weeks? Read over this guide for a few suggestions on what to do and what not to do during the nuptials!

Wedding Guests by Celina Gomez Photography

1. Look for clues if the wedding is unplugged or if snapping away is encouraged
However, never get in the way of the professional photographers. This should also go without saying, but never post pictures of the bride before the ceremony begins. It seems like more and more couples are creating unique hashtags for sharing, but don’t forget about the couples who prefer their guests to put their phones down and just live in the moment. Make sure to respect the couple of honor!

2. Dress the part
I’m not just referring to the black tie or semi formal dress code. Is the wedding  ceremony and/or reception outdoors? If yes, heels may not be the best idea if you’ll be walking around and standing in grass or gravel — opt for those cute wedges or flats.

3. Politely decline as soon as you know you can’t attend
This is not the time to be fickle with your obligations. If you know you won’t be able to attend or are unsure about your work schedule, communicate with the couple. There won’t be any hard feelings if you decline within a reasonable time frame.

4. Here’s the thing about plus-ones
How was the invitation addressed? If it was only your name, you are the only person invited. End of story. Unless you already had a convo with the bride, don’t assume you can show up with your new boyfriend. Similarly, if the invitation was address to you and your boyfriend but you two break up, chat with the bride before assuming you can bring somebody else. Chances are the couple won’t mind a bit, but a heads up is nice for seating arrangements and such.

5. Don’t be late
This is obvious but make sure you plan enough time in case of an accident or if Siri leads you down the wrong path. You’ll want to have enough time to take in the ceremony views, sign the guest book, place your gift, and find your seat. A good rule of thumb is to arrive 20-30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

6. If you gift, order from their registry 
Believe it or not, a lot of time goes into putting together a wedding registry. Make sure to scope out what the couple is asking for. Unless you 100%, without a doubt know the couple’s style and needs, order a gift from their registry or gift them money within a card.

7. Eat, drink, and be merry!
You’re a witness to true love, happily ever after, and all that good stuff! Take it in. Listen to the words of the ceremony, indulge in their signature cocktails and chat with those around you. Enjoy the food and drinks, then get up and dance. Weddings are a great time to catch up with friends or family, meet new people, and celebrate in the name of love!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Guide for Twenty-Somethings

  1. feel the same, it's all good. this could be in part because I can't afford to buy lots and lots of gorgeous new clothing on my ten-hour work week. or because I give myself about five minutes to decide what to wear, either or.also, I'm not a regular commenter, but hell, I love what you wear. a lot.

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