Fredericksburg & San Antonio Bachelorette Party

Fredericksburg & San Antonio Bachelorette Party.png

First of all, a huge thank you goes out to one of my two maids of honor – Jackie Reyes! It’s also her birthday today!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) She planned every perfect second of my bachelorette party weekend and we could not have had a better time!

Bachelorette Party.jpgI was born in northern California and go back often to visit. When I was younger I remember having brunch with my family and a huge bridal party walked in before their limo picked them up to drink their way through wine country. In that moment, I knew I had to do the same when my big day came! Fast forward to reality, all my bridesmaids live in different cities in Texas so flying out to California for a weekend getaway wasn’t exactly in our cards. I had heard of the hill country wineries but had only gone to one or two before. That’s when it hit me – bachelorette weekend in San Antonio. BOOM.

We started the weekend going to Jackie’s favorite bars in San Antonio on Friday night. On Saturday morning we made our way downtown to drop our bags off at the hotel and waited for our wine tour bus to pick us up. We had the bus to ourselves and the tour guide was a very nice and funny lady, who had to be annoyed with us catching up with each other thirty minutes in. Our first stop was in Luckenbach, Texas where we grabbed lunch. We made our way to Barons Creek VineyardsFiesta Winery, and Pontotoc Vineyard!

I loved the vibes of Barons Creek and their wines did not disappoint. Fiesta had some very sweet wines and a great rose. Pontotoc (pictured below) was our last stop and had a great outdoor area. Their sangria is possibly one of the best drinks I have ever tasted. I have tried searching online for their recipe but I think I’ll just have to make another trip to Fredericksburg for a few bottles!

After drinking wine all day, we got back on our bus and headed to downtown SA. We had a table reserved for us at Howl at the Moon, so we had to freshen up and scurry down there. The rest of the night went about how you would expect a bachelorette party to go, with laughs and singing and all the pictures. Sadly for the internet, those will never be uploaded, but the five of us will treasure those memories forever.


Where are you going for your bachelorette party? Let me know in the comments below!



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