Top 5 Current Wedding Trends

Wedding trends come and go, some stick around longer while others make a quick debut. Even though I am happily married and thrilled with how our perfect wedding came together, I still find it fun to go through wedding inspiration and find up and coming trends. Throughout this current “wedding season” I have noticed a few trends worth mentioning, as these may stick around for awhile.

The thing that I love about Pinterest and wedding websites/blogs is that you can appreciate the love and dedication that somebody puts into their wedding, even if you don’t envision your big day that way. For example, Zack and I prefer large lush blooms over greenery. However, I love the look in photos and think long leafy garland is beautiful.

Without further delay here are the Top 5 Current Wedding Trends we’re seeing this year… So far!

Trend 1: Hanging Floral Arrangements

Photo from ModWedding

Trend 2: Copper

Photo from WedLuxe

Trend 3: Candles & Greenery

Photo from Deer Pearl Flowers

Trend 4: Unique Desserts

Photo from Wedding Chicks

Trend 5: Bouquets with Long Ribbon

Photo from Southern California Bride


What is your fave wedding trend? Share with me in the comments below!


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