Name Change Checklist


I decided to change my last name after Zack and I got married. In all honesty, it took me about two months to get the whole process started! Once I got my social security card and driver’s license taken care of, the rest was pretty simple. I was able to knock both of those out in one day, and new cards take about two weeks to get mailed out. In the meantime, I created a checklist for all the other documents that had my maiden name on them… email addresses, insurance, doctor’s, Theta alum communication, etc.

My advice is to take all the time you need when deciding if you want to change your name or not – and if you decide to change your name, do it ASAP! Of course, I had my excuses for waiting two months… Moving into our new apartment, organizing said apartment, using all the new fun baking tools in the kitchen… But really, once you start the process the rest comes easy. Good luck!



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