The Best Little White Dresses

So you’re engaged?! CONGRATS!!!! You’ve selected your wedding party. You’ve set the date. (WOO HOO!) Parties in your honor are beginning to get planned. Stop right there! In addition to The Dress you get to pick out, you may get to pick out a few others too! For the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, getaway dress… Now to be honest, I am very pale so white doesn’t always look great on me. But I found the perfect little white dress that everybody should get their hands on!

Introducing Everly’s The Savannah Scallop Dress:


This dress is so flattering! It’s not too long, it’s not too short, it has the flow of a shift dress but naturally fits to the curves of your body. Unfortunately it’s out of stock at the online boutique I purchased it at, but I’ll keep my eyes out for it! Frill Clothing has so many great dresses and skirts, for great prices compared to other boutiques. They even have a “bridal boutique” section where you can order outfits for your bridesmaids!

Since I can’t find this perfect dress stocked anywhere online (sorry!!) I’ll share some other top contenders for The Perfect Little White Dress!

Left: Aimee Layered Dress from Francesca’s
Middle: Boatneck Crepe Shift Dress from Nordstrom
Right: Sweet Thing White Romper from The Impeccable Pig

Happy shopping & happy planning!


Where’s your Little White Dress from? Share with me in the comments below! Also let me know what other wedding topics you want me to cover.

Featured Image by Celina Gomez.


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