How To Use Pinterest While Planning Your Wedding

After calling my family and closest friends to share the good news of our engagement and waiting approximately 3 days, I officially created my secret wedding board on Pinterest. Sure, I perused through the Wedding category on a daily basis – but it didn’t feel right pinning until it was official.

I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest since it launched, pinning everything from food & drinks to how I’m going to decorate my future home. It was a no-brainer I would use Pinterest to plan our wedding! Once we decided on our theme and colors, the real fun began. We were able to draw from others experiences and use their inspiration for a jumping point. I will warn you, there’s a lot (A LOT) out there so you don’t want to get too caught up in styled shoots or unrealistic dress goals. However, that is part of the fun! If I’m being completely honest, when it came to pinning for our wedding I was very timid to pin images I wasn’t completely in love with. I didn’t want my board to be bogged down, so I only pinned inspiration that proved useful. Don’t let me fool you, I pinned a bunch! I pinned color inspo, dessert tables, centerpieces, outfits, even honeymoon destination advice.

Urben Pinterest Board

Invite Collaborators

I added my four bridesmaids and my mother. It was great to have them give feedback on pins and also share what they found. Not sure which table number is best? Pin your top 3 and see what they think! Don’t forget to change the caption too. This will help when you go back to search for something. If you are trying to be sneaky about bridal party gifts, don’t pin them where they can all see. Instead, pin multiple gift ideas – or just save them without pinning!

Get The App

The Pinterest app is great for those times you’re not in front of your laptop but want to get some planning done. It’s also great for when you meet with vendors. Many vendors want to get a sense of your wedding style, so what better way than to show them visually! Before I met with my florist and baker, they actually wanted me to send them photos of flowers and cakes we like. I would say 95% of the inspiration photos I sent came from Pinterest. The others came from Instagram or a general Google search. It’s so much easier having your wedding board accessible from wherever you are, rather than printing out several copies from magazines – but to each their own!

Don’t Get Overwhelmed 

There’s a lot of ideas out there! Most of them are great, but that doesn’t mean they are great for you. You and your fiancé have your own theme and your own style, make sure to stay true to that. Like I mentioned above, be realistic when searching for inspiration on Pinterest. Styled shoots are just that, styled! They are meant to look picture perfect, as they show off what vendors are capable of. If you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas, give yourself a timeout for awhile. That way when you log back on, you’ll be reset and ready for fresh ideas.

It’s Your Wedding, You Can Pin If You Want To

Just because I pinned on a daily basis, doesn’t mean you have to! I knew my boundaries (for the most part) and what was helpful versus what was “just for fun.” In addition to Pinterest, I also used Instagram’s hashtags and countless magazines to draw inspiration from. One of the more practical being Southern Living’s Wedding Planner and Keepsake. Each bride and groom out there has a different way of planning and organizing in anticipation for their big day, you just have a find a groove that works for you!

Happy planning!

How are you keeping your wedding planning ideas organized? Lemme know in the comments below. Also share other wedding topics you’d like me to cover!


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